The Naturals started in Zimmerman

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

A new discussion group called The Naturals met for the first time at Dunn Bros in Zimmerman in May to share information about healthier, less toxic choices in everyday living. Tiffany Lindstrom leads the group and says she launched it to share knowledge normally only shared inside her business, Healthy Green Spaces.

Lindstrom’s passion for healthier living began with her first pregnancy. “I became interested in what I was putting in my body,” she explained, “whether it came from food, personal care products, or the environment.” She added that her family’s history of cancer further encouraged her to seek ways to help lessen that risk.

For Lindstrom, the idea of the group was quite literally visionary. “I had a dream,” she laughed, “and in this dream, I was attending a discussion group called The Naturals where we talked about healthier, less toxic alternatives for the food we eat, the personal care products we use, and what we put into the environment.”

When she woke up, Lindstrom says she wanted that dream to become a reality, even as she was packing up and moving from Big Lake to Zimmerman. “I thought this discussion group would be a great way to meet people in the Zimmerman area who are interested in learning and sharing about these issues,” she said, “and so far, it’s creating plenty of conversation.” The Naturals’ first theme was on personal care products, and it proved to be so popular with attendees that Lindstrom continued it into June. “Along with providing tips and product information,” Lindstrom adds, “I also introduce attendees to Internet databases where they can look up health information on products such as cosmetics, sunscreens, or shaving creams.” At the July 12 meeting, Lindstrom took on food and at a following gathering, cleaning products. Already, she has people as far away as the Twin Cities interested in the discussion, and she plans to launch a second discussion group in Otsego soon for people closer to Minneapolis.

The Naturals meets the second Thursday of every month in the Zimmerman Dunn Bros’ conference room. Please RSVP, as seating may be limited. For more information, visit You can also contact Lindstrom at 612-240-1016 or email her at [email protected]