Stop trying to smear Bachmann

In response to the letter published last week, I’m tired of the antics of liberals trying to smear a member of Congress who has worked tirelessly for her constituents while fighting for our nation at the same time. Congresswoman Bachmann has done much more for Minnesota than any representative could be asked to do.

As is the usual tactic, the claim that Michele “doesn’t work well with others” is rebutted in the same letter by pointing out she worked with Democrat Sens. Klobuchar and Franken, and Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson as well as a host of representatives from both sides of the aisle and the St. Croix River to get that bridge done. You can’t have it both ways; either she can’t work with others, or you have to give her credit for 10 years of research and advocacy on a bridge eight out of 10 of her current constituents supported. And it’s not her fault she no longer represents Stillwater, that was decided by judges shortly before the bridge bill was passed.

Furthermore, I don’t think most people would consider Congresswoman Bachmann’s position on the intelligence committee as something that was done without consideration. As a member of this committee, Michele has met with influential political, military and business leaders in the Middle East, South America and Asia. She is influential in our foreign military actions and domestic law enforcement processes. Remember, Minnesota was a border state terrorists penetrated in the attacks of 9-11; this committee is one of the best ways Michele can serve Minnesotans and Americans in her position as an elected official.

Michele has been fighting for a number of 6th District projects since day one. In just the past few years, she helped open up a new veterans health clinic in Ramsey when bureaucracy threatened to stall it for many years. Michele also worked with the St. Cloud airport to keep it open so the area can continue to serve as a business alternate to the Twin Cities’ crowded downtown and congested freeways. She is working with state legislators to stop millions of dollars of Medicare fraud in Minnesota. In 2008, she was one of the few who voted against the failed stimulus and bailouts and she currently sides with the majority of people on energy, taxes and health care.

Sixth District constituents have seen these kinds of smears on Michele before, and we are tired of them. They failed before, they will fail again. When it comes down to it, Michele stands with your average Minnesotan who wants a decent paying job and the chance to succeed with whatever they put their mind to. — Matthew Stevens, Elk River