Auto racing: Beatercross closes with a bang at ERX

Wayne Nelson (32) made the turn in first place while Chris Peterka (226) and Brian Friede (3, minivan) lumbered after him in the Compacts No. 2 feature. That’s how they finished. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Beatercross racing at Elk River Extreme Motorsports Park concluded with a spectacular crash Thursday evening with both drivers fortunately walking away from the wrecks, albeit a little sore.

Mini-trucks driven by Jake Stockstead and Andrew Carlson were battling for the lead late in the Trucks feature when they glanced off each other in mid-air on the rising turn to the front straightaway. Both trucks were overturned,  with smoke quickly enveloping the area.

A dozen spectators leapt the fence to see if the drivers needed help getting out. But track officials quickly took over, got the drivers out, inspected the smashed-up vehicles and  carted them off.

Track officials dealt with Jake Stockstead’s truck (left) and Andrew Carlson’s (right) after a spectacular, scary crash. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Carlson seemed to be favoring his rib cage and Stockstead was rubbing his neck but both professed to be OK. Stockstead was overheard saying it was “pretty scary,” especially for an instant when he looked up to see the bottom of the other vehicle.

Only two of six trucks were able to finish that race, with Jake Powell chugging past the two erstwhile leaders to win.

Wayne Nelson (232) charged into the lead in his heat race. He also won his feature. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Carlson won an earlier feature, the UTV Open, with Jake Wessling second. Wessling won the UTV Stock feature.

Kyle Lacoe won the Compacts One feature with Ryan Johnson second and Mike Hensley third. Two vehicles were lost along the way.

Wayne Nelson won the Compacts Two feature with Chris Peterka second and Brian Friede third.

This was the fourth scheduled ERX race (one was rained out) and there are three more to go, the next being July 26. About 40 vehicles took part.

Heat winners were Wessling and Carlson in UTV’s, Mark Ellington and Lacoe in Compacts One, Nelson in Compacts two,  and Stockstead and Powell in Trucks.