Baseball: Pioneers lose to Coon Rapids 15-1

Taylor Nelson of Coon Rapids was safe after advancing to second base on a long fly ball out to center field that scored a runner from third. The throw bounced away from Pioneer infielder Michael Lorden. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


The Coon Rapids Redbirds pummeled the Elk River Pioneers 15-1 at Hales Field on Sunday.

The Pioneers had just nine players and had to delay the game until 3 p.m. rather than 2 p.m. in order to wait until their ninth guy got off work.

Blake Ehley of the Pioneers slid back to first base just ahead of a pickoff throw to Coon Rapids first baseman Dan Skog. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

“We’ve got guys working, guys on vacation,” said manager Ken Ott. “I suppose the same problem a lot of teams have … We had a pretty ugly game. But Coon Rapids is one of the better teams.”

Aaron Pipenhagen, Christian Korlath and Kam Crandall pitched for the Pioneers. The trio issued a lot of walks.

Coon Rapids did not need many big hits. Dan Skog led the Redbirds (9-3) at the plate going 2-for-3 with two RBI and three runs. Their winning pitcher was Joe Avelson, who threw five innings.

The Pioneers had just four hits, with Mike Lorden going 2-for-3. Lorden scored the lone run, knocked home by¬† Jake Berwyn’s single.

The Pioneers (4-9) will play at Quamba on Tuesday evening.

Kam Crandall of the Pioneers took a few warmup tosses between innings, in front of friends of players  watching the game in the shade along the right field line. (Photo by Bruce Strand)