Local blues band Mooseknuckle Bros. next at Riverfront series

Mooseknuckle Bros., a colorful blues band based in Elk River, is the next offering for the Riverfront Concert Series, on Thursday at 7 p.m.

This group was chosen for the Famous Dave’s BBQ Blues Festival last summer after winning a battle of the bands.

The Moosekuckle Bros.

The band founders are Todd Ek of Elk River, who plays guitar and sings, and Allan Therres of Elk River, the drummer. Other members are Brian Olson (vocals, guitar) of Champlin, Terry Good (bass guitar) of Champlin, Ace Barton (sax) of Apple Valley and Rob Savage (keyboards) of Brooklyn Park.

Some notes from the band’s website: Olson and Ek are KISS devotees since they started playing at age 12 and 11, respectively. Good  “always lays down a heavy performance” in the rhythm section. Savage grew up in Brooklyn Park inspired by jazz rehearsals in his basement led by his musician father. Ace toured with ’50s and ’60s artists for a time, settled down as a businessman and father, and returned to the sax after retirement in 2003.