Trashing of Elk River schools unwarranted

After reading Mat Eicher’s trashing of ISD 728, I felt obligated to provide a rational reply to defend the hard-working administrators, educators, staff and volunteers of our school district.

I’m sorry that Mr. Eicher’s child experienced the problems they had in public schools. I am also genuinely happy that his child found Spectrum to be an environment that they could succeed in.

That being said, I can speak that I had three children go through the Rogers schools. They were challenged, and educated in the Elk River Area School District by outstanding educators and all three are in various stages of their college and post graduate careers. They have outperformed students from some of the most prestigious private schools in Minnesota and across the country.

So, Mr. Eicher, please don’t try to tell me that ALL of the teachers from District 728 are as you described. In fact, my observations have been quite the opposite. Educators that have dedicated time, energy, their own money, and passion to help students succeed.

Is everything perfect in the Elk River Area School District? Of course not. There is room to improve.

But I found it laughable when Mr. Eicher mentioned the rules or promises that Spectrum has.

No profanity. No drugs, etc. Does he think that ISD 728 tolerates such behavior or that those things never happen at Spectrum?

Apparently Spectrum should add, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” to the rules they abide by. At least for Mr. Eicher.

I know people whose children who go to Spectrum and they have good things to say. I don’t want to take anything away from Spectrum’s accomplishments. In my opinion, that does not give a parent the right to throw the local school system under the bus.

I’d like to close by personally thanking the entire Elk River Area School District organization for the great work they have done for my children and the tens of thousands of other students over the years.— Scott Springer, Rogers