Tired of Rep. Bachmann’s crazy antics

I can’t be alone in this: is anybody else in the 6th District tired of Michele Bachmann’s antics? Her tirade on ACA today was the last straw. The woman speaks from ignorance and uses bad statistics to support most of her positions. She hasn’t represented the 6th in the last year (possibly never has) — claimed to be from Iowa most of the time. And I must compliment Iowa: they didn’t find her fit to lead any more than I do.

Her only claim to getting something done in our district is the new Stillwater bridge — which got approval due to the support of both our Minnesota senators, other Minnesota representatives, and support from Wisconsin congressional representatives as well. Michele’s popularity and ability to work with others in Congress is dismal — there is no way she would have gotten the bridge approval on her own. And guess what? That bridge isn’t in the 6th District anymore. For that matter, neither is Michele.

Michele has not accomplished anything personally as a 6th District congresswoman except to make a laughingstock of herself and the voters of the 6th District. She is notorious in Congress for not working with others. She thinks God speaks to her personally, which could indicate some sort of mental illness — hope not, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Nobody in Congress is going to give her any committee positions with any authority because she’s a loose wire, and due to her personality doesn’t work well with others. And she hasn’t done squat for the 6th District during her three terms.

I don’t think this is just a learning curve anymore for Michele — but it is definitely a learning curve for voters in the 6th District and it’s time for us to learn. Michele will NEVER be allowed to work on important committees and do real work for the 6th District because she doesn’t have the ability or the intelligence to fit in and get down to business. Plus she is possibly too busy doing a lot of self-promotion on TV and radio — maybe she thinks she can be Sarah Palin some day; maybe she can.

I don’t know if Jim Graves will be an improvement or not, but the odds are he’d be a better representative based on Michele’s dreadful record. I don’t know how we could do worse. We need jobs in the 6th, and real representation — not a lot of goofiness about marriage rights and unfounded scares about gay people, vaccines and health care issues without basis. I am pretty sure that Jim Graves will not embarrass the district and that he’ll work to finally give us some real representation after the Drought of Weirdness we’ve experienced with Michele. — Mary Hageman, Elk River