Purr-fect mew-ses (er, muses)

Arts editor Bruce Strand put out a call for painters who love cats (he’s one of them) and next thing you know it was Kitty City here.

Karen Lincoln, Guardian Angels resident, captured the curiosity of a kitten from a photo in a magazine.


Hailey Ross, Big Lake sophomore, inspired by the Tim Burton version of “Alice in Wonderland,” created her rendition of the Cheshire Cat.


A tender look at a tabby by Shirley Hove.


Rogers High School art teacher Su Sebghati (“I am a HUGE cat lover”) portrayed her cat Pichu in chalk.


Natalie Vogel, 2012 Big Lake graduate, used a multicolor approach to show a mischievous cat “just like my cat.”


Roxanne Current of Dayton painted Boots in his favorite padded perch, by the window.


Lynn Arnsdorf painted this little sleepyhead from a photo on the Internet.


Erin Gustafson, Rogers High School student, painted this kitty closeup.


Allison Stewart, Rogers student, used black-and-white for this contemplative kitty on a window sill.


Joan Campbell said Fred just showed up at her door one day and stayed the rest of his life.


Close pals Harmon and Scamp were painted by Bruce Strand.


One of Linda Croteau’s house cats, Little No Tail (part Manx) had her first litter of just three kittens, including this one, under Linda’s bed.