Bid awarded for CSAH 4 work

The Zimmerman City Council has awarded a bid to Kuechle Underground of Kimball, Minn. for improvements to  Fremont Avenue (County State Aid Highway 4).

In order to complete the project before Labor Day, Kuechle Underground was scheduled to begin construction work on Monday, June 25.

The project began by setting up traffic control and shifting both lanes of traffic to the south half of the road. Once traffic control is established, they were to begin removing the pavement on the north half of the street. Cross streets will be left open as much as possible with temporary aggregate surfacing.

Once the pavement is removed, watermain construction will begin and the contractor anticipates that this will start the week of July 2.  Watermain work will begin on the west end of the project near County Road 45 and proceed east towards Highway 169.  Temporary water service will be established for residents and businesses who obtain water service from Fremont Avenue until the permanent watermain has been constructed.  Watermain construction, along with other miscellaneous storm sewer construction is estimated to take approximately two weeks.

Sidewalk construction on the north side of the street is expected to begin in mid-July and will be staged so businesses will still have pedestrian access during business hours.  Staff anticipates that construction work on the north side of the street will be completed by the end of July, at which time traffic control would be shifted to the north so construction on the south half of the road can begin.

Because construction schedules tend to shift over time, construction updates will be posted on the following website on a weekly basis:

To receive project updates by mail or email, notify Randy Piasecki, Zimmerman city administrator at [email protected] or 763-856-4666, ext. 24, or City Engineer Kevin Bittner at [email protected]