Spectrum has been a savior for student

A+ Thank you, Spectrum!

Several years ago we removed our child from the Elk River 728 school system, and this year graduated with a respectable GPA.

Each year 728 delivered new fears and disappointments,  “three F’s” replaced “the three R’s,” frustration, fear and failure became the norm.

Apathetic “grand-fathered in” teachers and other staff people were a steady source of mediocrity and indifference.

Parent portal was a joke! A loophole built into the system allowed procrastinating teachers to delay assignment and grade updates until it was too late to make a difference.

There were teachers who didn’t know their subject matter;

A tenured teacher who offered passing grades in exchange for the resignations of students she didn’t wish to teach;

Completed assignments which had been turned in were lost and never credited;

Physical assault incidents were often ignored, or turned against the victims, whichever was easiest for the staff;

And a staff member failed to follow legal guidelines, and misrepresented student performance to conceal her willful negligence. She was secretly reprimanded and transferred (but not terminated).

A popular school defense mechanism was:

“We think your child needs meds, we can’t teach your child if you don’t use the meds.”

School teachers are front line sales people for the billion-dollar ADHD and anti-anxiety pharmaceutical drug industry!

“Meds” are not the solution, they’re the problem!

Don’t let teachers pressure you into drugging your children! It holds them back and risks permanent emotional damage! Why should we allow “no account (part time) civil servants” select who they will and will not educate? Don’t we all wish we could “select” what we will or will not do for our employers!

Many public school teachers rely heavily on blaming parents for the steady decline of learning, but let me ask this:

“If our public educating professionals are making such a great effort, why do many students ranging from grades three through 12 not even know their own addresses or phone numbers?” Schools used to teach children to at least say their address or phone number in first or second grade, and write them after learning numbers and alphabet! Some children don’t even know their last names! It’s a disgrace!

When we left “728,” there was only one direction to go … up!

Spectrum made us many promises … so many, that it seemed too good to be true:

A dress code,

No harassment,

No bullying,

No profanity,

No drugs,

And guaranteed academic results. All of this was delivered by Spectrum! But not because they lowered standards…

To the contrary, they raise the bar, and teach children to become responsible young adults who wish to challenge themselves and achieve new goals.

I understand that Spectrum teachers are not given an unbreakable, cradle-to-grave union contract as many of their 728 tenured counterparts are.

The absence of unconditional employment in charter schools gives them hunger to achieve!

A hunger public schools have long lost their taste for.

Superior charter school results frequently draw fire from 728 teachers union members, who either cannot, or will not raise their bar to compete!

After knowing my child’s teachers over the last four years, it’s clear that they were selected for their passion to teach, and unconditional devotion to students!

The disintegration of public education in America is no accident. Many teachers, principals and superintendents have sold their loyalty to the Department of Education! Protecting the “school district corporation” and presidential handouts, which they gladly accept to sustain the federal indoctrination machine. Public school students now enjoy an eighth-grade, 1955-equivalent education when they graduate from high school. Dependent thinkers are being manufactured in Department of Ed. cookie-cutter-school factories, they’re being taught (what) to think, but not (how) to think.

When 728 inevitably asks for more tax dollars this November, let us not forget that “less is more” for  schools that set genuine goals. The real world is in financial turmoil! There should be no civil servant  who receives 12 months’ pay for eight months’ work, especially when their product is so defective!

Property tax revenues have fallen for the third year in a row, as the “Clinton/Bush” housing bubble exhales its final gasp of air.

We’ll wait to see which remaining extra-curricular activities are skimmed or defunded by 728, to protect the “12 months’ pay for eight months’ work” teachers’ fantasy world.

Thank God for Spectrum! They did what 728 couldn’t do; we’ll forever be supporters of the charter school system. — Mat Eicher, Elk River