Marsh awarded Rotary honor

Elk River Rotary Student of the Month: 

Meagan Marsh

Parents:  Joel and Christina Marsh

List the activities you have participated in and tell of your proudest accomplishments:  I am in Drama Club, IMPACT and NHS. I am on the speech team and I play soccer all year round.


What is your favorite class and why? What is your favorite subject?

My favorite class this year is Honors biology. I like this class because it is challenging, but very interesting and the teaching style is different than most. My favorite subject is English because I love writing.

What are your future plans? I plan to go to college and study the field of medicine and science.

What are your hobbies and/or personal interests?  I play soccer all year, and I also love to act.

Who is your hero, if you have one, and why?  I believe that each person I encounter is a hero in their own way. Everyone I meet teaches me something new about the world or people in general, or about myself. Each person has a direct impact on me and the choices I make. Therefore, I cannot pick one hero, but many.

Tell of a most memorable experience that relates to school, personal interests or a hobby:    This summer I went to Europe with my family. We went to Italy, Switzerland, France and England. I love traveling and it was very interesting to learn about the other countries’ history and culture. I loved every minute of it.

How do you demonstrate leadership? I lead mostly by example. I work hard at everything I do and make choices about life that I won’t regret later on.

How do you approach academics to achieve success? In order to be successful in school I pay attention in class, do my homework, and I stay positive and confident in whatever I’m doing.

What special projects have you done, in or out of school?  I’ve done a lot of volunteer work at schools such as VandenBerge Middle School, Meadowvale Elementary and Lincoln Elementary, helping with the gardens, getting ready for the school year, and even working with the kids.

Why do you think you won this award? I think I won this award because I set a good example as a leader. I have done well academically and I keep a positive attitude.

What does it mean to you?  This award means a lot to me because I work really hard at everything I do, and I try to make the best out of every situation and its great to be recognized for it.