Hanover company wins bid for Nature’s Edge Business Center public improvements

Burschville Construction of Hanover has been awarded the bid to build public improvements in the new Nature’s Edge Business Center in Elk River.

With a bid of $1,082,516, Burschville’s bid was the lowest of nine. Bids ranged as high as $1,371,597.

The bid will cover construction of two new streets, city trunk sewer and water facilities, storm sewer and storm water treatment facilities and mass grading to create three new lots as Phase I of the project. The lots will be .86, 4.01 and 10.44 acres in size.

The Nature’s Edge Business Center site is located near Highway 10 and 171st Avenue, not far from the Northstar train station.

The city has received a $250,000 grant to help cover the cost of the public improvements.