Preserve the beauty of our fine city of Elk River

My name is John Paul A. Hudson and I was born and raised in Elk River. It is a very nice town. I live very close to the old water tower and each old water tower has its own character and uniqueness. I also enjoy Lions Park and the riverfront downtown and all the old buildings.

I am very glad that the water tower has been decided to stay. I very much enjoy the beauty of this historical landmark which is over 90 years old. Another thing about it that makes it very unique is the old siren on it. Which means it had two very good uses in the earlier years of Elk River.

As one drives into Elk River you are first greeted by the Mississippi River and a welcome sign which states “Where city and country flow together.” Elk River is also listed as an historical city. What lists us as an historical city is our old buildings and historical sites, such as the old water tower, the old downtown buildings, and others.

The old band stand, and the old courthouse are a couple of examples of historical Elk River landmarks that are here no more. And the old Mississippi bridge with the architectural beauty is missing from downtown Elk River. Let us keep here with us the beauty of our few remaining historical landmarks.

Let us stand together and preserve the beauty of these fine landmarks which make our city a unique place to live and encourage tourism so that when visitors pass through our town it leaves a desire to come back and enjoy the beauty and to share with others the same. — John Paul A. Hudson, Elk River