King Avenue parking islands will get facelift

Seven islands in the King Avenue parking lot in downtown Elk River will be getting some cosmetic improvements.

One of the King Avenue parking lot islands as it looks now.
How the islands will look after the work is done.

The Elk River City Council voted 5-0 Monday, June 11, to spend $14,665 on the work. It will include removing the existing rock from the islands and installing pavers, trees and mulch.

The trees will match existing trees in two of the islands and the pavers will match other pavers in the area.

The work will be done by Peterson Companies, which is building the new Main Street Parking Plaza at 716 and 720 Main St., next to the King Avenue lot.

The other option was to pave the islands at an estimated cost of $6,000, but the council rejected that idea. The city’s code requires parking lot islands to be landscaped.

Damaged portions of the concrete curbing on the islands will also be replaced when necessary.

Shown in red are the seven parking lot islands that will be improved.