Pub’s 5K generates 6K

by Jim Boyle

The first St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Elk River got off on the right foot back on March 17 on a brilliantly warm and sunny almost-spring morning, and event organizers delivered a generous pot of gold last week out in front of the event sponsor’s establishment.

Jenny Gray (center), the executive director for CAER, stood with Lisa Holien and Karen Stelk to accept check from the McCoy’s St. Patrick’s Day 5K. Photo by Jim Boyle

Lisa Holien and Karen Stelk handed Jenny Gray a check for $6,425 made out to CAER, the Elk River food shelf. “This is great for a first-time event,” said Gray, the executive director for CAER. “Wow.

“We are so grateful to Fred McCoy & McCoy’s Pub and the many volunteers who made the McCoy’s 5K event a reality.”

Holien and Stelk  were among the organizers of the event, which they say will become an annual event on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day — unless the holiday falls on a Saturday like it did this March.

The event started and ended at River’s Edge Commons Park, where participants along with family and friends packed into the park.

“For a first-time event to draw (300) participants and raise over $6,000 for CAER is truly amazing and a testimony to the hard work that this team put into this event,” Gray said. “I hope the community as a whole will take part in next year’s event — it is a great opportunity for our city.”