Photography contest deadline on June 21

by Jim Boyle

Keying off Elk River’s Powered by Nature branding initiative, the Sandhill Photography Club has agreed to sponsor a photography contest for the Independence Day celebration.

To pull it off, the club is turning to the community for photos that highlight what Elk River means to residents.

“We have all  heard about Powered by Nature by now,” said Jim Boyle, the editor of the Star News, who suggested the contest to the photography club. “What does that look like in pictures? What about Elk River energizes you? What brought you here? What makes you proud to call Elk River home?”

Those interested in entering the contest should send their photos to [email protected] Please include information about the photo, how it represents what you think of Elk River and contact information in the event you are a winner.

The cost per photo entry is $5. Send your check or money to the Star News at 506 Freeport Ave. N.W., Elk River, Minn. 55330.

The deadline for submission is Thursday, June 21. Ten winners will be selected and their work will be on display at the Independence Day celebration and throughout the year in the community.

Winners will be selected on the basis of composition, technical merit, originality and impact. “By impact we mean what’s your initial response to the photo,” said Jay Grammond, the founder of the Sandhill Photography Club.

Judges will be members of the photo club.

For more information on the club, visit their Facebook site under  Sandhill Photography Club.