Candidates file for legislative seats

Here is a list of the candidates who have filed for legislative seats in the greater Elk River area.

State Senator District 30
Elk River-Otsego-Big Lake-St. Michael area
Paul Bolin, Otsego, Republican

Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, Big Lake Township, Republican

Paul Perovich, Big Lake, DFL

State Senator District 31
Zimmerman-Livonia-Nowthen area
Sen. Michelle Benson, Ham Lake, Republican

Mike Starr, Oak Grove, DFL

State Senator District 34
Rogers-Dayton area
Sen. Warren Limmer, Maple Grove, Republican

Sharon Bahensky, Maple Grove, DFL

State Senator District 35
Ramsey area
Rep. Branden Petersen, Andover, Republican

Peter Perovich, Ramsey, DFL

State Representative District 30A
Elk River-Big Lake area
Nick Zerwas, Elk River, Republican

Holly Neuman, Big Lake, DFL

State Representative District 30B
Otsego-St. Michael area
David Fitzsimmons, Albertville, Republican

Sharon Shimek, Otsego, DFL

State Representative District 31A
Zimmerman-Livonia-Nowthen area
Rep. Kurt Daudt, Crown, Republican

Ryan Fiereck, Bethel, DFL

State Representative District 34A
Rogers-Dayton area
Rep. Joyce Peppin, Rogers, Republican

Adam Fisher, Rogers, DFL

State Representative District 35A
Ramsey area
Justin Boals, Anoka, Independent

Rep. Jim Abeler, Anoka, Republican

Andy Hillebregt, Ramsey, DFL