Zimmerman High School graduation set Wednesday

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

Zimmerman High School graduation is Wednesday, June 6.

Zimmerman High School seniors are rearing to soar at the graduation ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, June 6 at 7 p.m. and held in the varsity gym.

“This year’s graduates have been impressive and really stand out as a group that is competitive in the classroom and in activities,” Principal Marco Voce said. “So many of these students took full advantage of the high school experience and they are a group that has made a positive impact on the culture of the building, raising a great challenge for next year’s seniors to live up to.”

“They make it cool to be smart,” English teacher Trisha Janu said. “The leaders of the class set the precedent for their classmates by taking pride in their grades and everyone wanted to emulate them.” Janu will be delivering the commencement speech to “her” seniors Wednesday. “This group of kids is really special to me,” she said, “and it’s no secret around here that I call them ‘my kids.’” She says this class has been the most accepting, respectful class she’s taught in over 15 years, and it’s very community driven.

“We had students, including Nate Christiansen, Ethan Lunning, Emily Garmen and Adam Fordahl, who took the time to volunteer coaching little kids in youth programs while juggling part-time jobs,” she said, “when they could have been hanging out with friends.” The culture of this class has renewed Janu’s faith in the next generation.

“Some kids who weren’t valedictorians this year could have been in other classes,” Voce said, “so we really had some amazing talent this year.” He added that they had the largest number of students in the history of Zimmerman High School scoring higher than 25 on the ACT. “I think that says it all,” Voce emphasized, adding that the sports also did well, with the boys’ basketball and football teams making sections this year and a number of students did very well in the conference art show. “Without question, it’s just been a really solid year,” he said, “and the positive role model of this class will have a lasting effect on the generations to come.”

The graduation ceremony will be held in the varsity gym with 139 seniors graduating. Students will be given a fixed number of tickets for friends and family with overflow participants watching the event from the cafetorium on a screen.

If you go:

Zimmerman High School 

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 6

Where: Zimmerman High School gymnasium.

Tickets: Admission is ticket only. Tickets were given to seniors to give to family and friends.