Chris Beer tackles difficult topic

by Nancy Christenson
Special to the Star News

Elk River native Chris Beer seeks to raise $6,000 by June 10 to fund his next short film, “Wren.” The film follows a quiet young woman the day she commits an act of violence because of her strong religious beliefs. Beer was inspired to write the script by the life of Shelley Shannon, an Oregon homemaker convicted and sentenced in the 1990s for shooting and injuring a doctor outside a Kansas abortion clinic, as well as for firebombing abortion clinics across the country.

Beer is quick to note that he does not take sides, but seeks to explore what might her day have been like before making such an extreme choice. Beer’s intent is “to provoke thought and discussion in regards to faith and violence at a time when such issues are divisively black and white.”

The film’s cast and crew are chosen, the script finalized and film trailers made; Beer just needs funds to proceed and says he “can’t keep mooching or borrowing from (friends) forever.”

Until June 10, anyone can contribute to this project with a donation as small as $1, online at Site visitors can also view his first short film, “Metronome” in its entirety.