Efforts for equality reason to support

Marriage is a wonderful institution. The United States is a nation built on equality. Put those two together and there is no patriotic reason to be against same-sex marriage.

A compelling argument stating that somehow same-sex marriage damages the institution has not yet been made, anywhere or anyplace. The same-sex couples I know actually are magnificent partners and parents who personify the most sacred family values.

States where same-sex marriage is allowed have not seen fire and brimstone nor have they seen economic collapse. Interestingly enough, states where same-sex marriage is allowed have remained some of the strongest throughout the recent recession.

As for the religious argument on this issue, I just don’t buy that one, either. If a church wants to restrict a couple from being married, then let them. Parishioners on both sides of that issue can vote with their feet. A well-spoken man once said people should love their neighbor as themselves. Many who try to live like He did should follow his timeless advice.

Be on the right side of history and vote “No” on the marriage amendment this November. Make safer the civil liberties of all citizens of this great nation. — Ron Hustvedt, Ramsey