Counterpoint: She is saddened by letter critical of ERCT

For 37 years the Elk River Community Theatre has produced and presented live theatre for our community. Thousands of staff, board members, volunteers and actors have worked tens of thousands of hours to make this possible. Approximately, 100,000 audience members have attended these shows.

Approximately 100,000 people have attended ERCT shows over the years.

Throughout its history, ERCT has maintained the highest artistic standards equal to those of the semi-professional theatres in the Twin Cities. ERCT has, during its 37-year history, tried to provide a wide variety of programming for the enjoyment and education of its equally wide variety of audience members. Shows are chosen for a combination of reasons, including artistic merit, audience appeal and the education and development of the actors, audience and staff.  Clearly every show cannot  appeal to every potential audience member or actor. Some shows have a wider appeal than others. Every show cannot be a box office record breaker. Yet, throughout its 37-year history, ERCT has maintained its financial solvency and will continue to do so in the future.

We are saddened by the innuendos, false statements and inflammatory comments made by Brad Scarp in last week’s editorial section. During the past eight years ERCT has been fortunate to have an actor with the considerable talent level possessed by Mr. Scarp as part of our theatre. His presence on stage has benefited ERCT and its audiences. We also believe that Mr. Scarp has benefitted greatly by the opportunities ERCT has afforded him. He has been cast in a wide variety of roles that have helped him to hone his skills and further his career as an actor. For our part, we considered Brad a friend and colleague. We are at a loss to understand why he chose to write an inflammatory, hurtful letter to the editor. We are confused and saddened by this act. Mr. Scarp could easily have called any current board member or attended a board meeting to ask questions and express his concerns.

After attempts to contact Mr. Scarp through social media and by telephone, we continue to find ourselves bewildered. Our question remains unanswered “Brad, why didn’t you just call us up?” — Elk River Community Theatre, Board of Directors