Teacher writes about Spectrum Class of 2012

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Class of 2102, Spectrum High School

Excerpts taken from an article written by Amy Kinney, English teacher at Spectrum High School in Elk River

“Much like a jigsaw puzzle of a nature scene, our senior class of 2012 has many pieces that, when connected, form a scene of serene beauty. Each student is a puzzle piece.

As we put together the puzzle of whom our seniors would be this year, we saw the kids that formed the part of the puzzle picture who hurdled huge obstacles. We have a student who moved across the country to come to Spectrum and lives on her own while taking college classes, maintain her grades, and starring in our school musical. We have another student who was in a wheelchair all winter and suffered terrible pain because of damage to her feet; she never dipped below an A average in her classes and never asked for special favors as she hauled herself out of her wheelchair and bravely walked again.

At Spectrum, we’ve seen our 2012 seniors struggle through life’s valleys. One student didn’t think he had it in him, but, when a teacher believed in his abilities, he became a successful captain for the Spectrum High School wrestling team. Another graduate put everything he had into his Senior Project Paper, and, after over 20 hours of seemingly thankless work on it, he earned a score of 95 on his first try: one of the highest scores in the senior class.

The puzzle pieces that make up that part of the graduating class of 2012 at Spectrum are the kids who are our musicians: the ever-ardent choir members who commit to our breathtaking Fine Arts Nights renown around the community, the choir tours, and public service as they utilize their talents to bless others. One of our seniors will be a vocal performance major in college, and another senior plans to be a choir teacher.

They are might, forceful, and alive. They smack a baseball, they wrestle a tough opponent, they sweat on the basketball court, they cheer their hearts out, and they dance like it’s their last day on earth.

The sky is truly the limit for Spectrum’s senior students as they conspicuously implement their community-service based Senior Projects in the Elk River area to assist the elderly, day cares, and women’s shelters; as they complete a year of free college credits without ever leaving our campus; as they create books, objects of art, health programs, and academic curriculums for children which they proudly donate; as they re accepted into internships and colleges as far away as Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Hawaii, and Japan.

Each graduate is a puzzle piece; each graduate is an intricate piece of the Spectrum Class of 2012 puzzle. This puzzle has been ours, but now, as a school, we pass the puzzle on, to the seniors as they graduate from Spectrum because the puzzle has been theirs all along. It is with the hope and rejoicing that we give them this rare, individualized, and remarkable jigsaw puzzle so that they can use it to change the world even more than they have already been empowered to change it. We’ve seen it, and we know they can. They’re ready. They will.”