Zimmerman art students’ awards listed

The following Zimmer-man students have collected awards for visual arts this school year, announced art teacher Tina Kryduba.

D.O. Art Excellence Award –  Holly Crawford, “Country Girl,” clay; Mariah Ratajek,  “Duck,” colored pencil

Jewelry by Rachel Vanderwal

North Hennepin CC High School  Artistic Merit — Rachel Vanderwal, “Blue Sandstone (set),” nickel silver & sandstone
All Conference, First Place, Granite Ridge Conference Art Show – Nikki Remington,  “Scents” (series), oil pastel; Emily Schieber, “Bunny,” mosaic plate; Vanderwal (same as above)
Superior Award at GRC show – Rachel Hodge, “Envy,” graphite; Madison Kimbrough, “Grumpy Zahn,” coil cup; Remington, “Scents” (same as above) and “Sitting, Thinking About It Over a Cup of Coffee,” mixed media;  Vanderwal (same as above)
Excellence Award, GRC Show – Kileen Ewy, “Hunter,” wooden ring jewelry; Magen Marolt, “Bloom,”  nickel silver pendant;  Ratajek, “Mysterious Magic Hands,” graphite; Schieber (same as above)
District 728 Art Excellence Award –  Katie Bonnema, “Spiderweb (set), nickel silver and  India agate; Shay Conklin, “Untitled,” acrylic painting; Remington, “Unearthed,” slab and coil