Marriage is for one man, one woman

Mr. Borum, Patricia Jones is right about her definition of marriage. Marriage has been defined as between one man and one woman for 2,000 years. Marriage is like Truth. Truth is truth no matter how you twist and turn it and that’s been here too, since Christ stood before Pontius Pilate. You don’t take this important word and twist and turn it to fit your definition.

If you are in favor of two men or two women living together, OK, but don’t steal the word marriage and put it in the same context as it is now defined.

There is one more word that is misused and that word is LOVE. Love and marriage of man and woman is agape love for the pro-creation of children. The joining together of two men and/or two women is not agape love. Love is another word like truth. You don’t twist and turn it around to suit your fancy.

I’ll be voting vote YES for the marriage amendment. — W.B. Petermeier, Elk River