Elk River Council needs a woman’s presence on it

This past week I had my annual physical and the doctor told me I have to get my blood pressure down. Now I am asking for the women in Elk River wards 2 and 3 for assistance in this matter. You are the only ones that can assist. I have been on a hunt for some time now and I may or may not know you, but whoever you are please file for City Council! I have spoken to males and females and they have all agreed that a woman is needed. As a rule men are more respectful if a woman is present. Perhaps you will be the one to guide the council back to regulate business meetings, without individual comments, so all the members are able to get back to their families. We are in dire need of a woman’s view! We all know that women think differently than men and there are times that men should put things on hold and rethink their decisions. Not too long ago I wrote a letter to the Chaska Herald and informed the citizens there that what they need is a woman on their council. We have cable television so I have seen various meetings. I do not watch faithfully but I have seen council, park and recreation, HRA, whatever happens to be on when I tune in to channel 12. Man, I really do need help from you ladies! Just took my blood pressure because I thought maybe it would be lower but no luck. Please come forward to guide our city! —Lola Driessen, Elk River