Park named after Horvath

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

Zimmerman Public Works Director Dave Horvath was honored Saturday, May 12 with the dedication of Horvath Park, located in Woodland Meadows North, for his 26 years of dedication and service to the city of Zimmerman.

Honoring Dave Horvath at the dedication to Horvath Park in Zimmerman are (from left to right) Tom Haugland (maintenance technician), Bruce Hooker (maintenance technician), Dave Horvath (public works director), Dave Earenfight (mayor), Michelle Canterbury (administrative assistant), Tom Hovorka (park board), Ron Mathison (city council member) and Tom Wilkinson (park board chairman).

Zimmerman Mayor Dave Earenfight, Council Member Ron Mathison and Park Board Chair Tom Wilkinson were present with coworkers, friends, and family to honor Horvath for his service to Zimmerman.

“He’s done so much for the Park Board and the city that there’s no way on God’s good Earth that we could ever do enough to thank him for his fine service,” Earenfight said.

The mayor also said that the City Council and the Park Board felt that the dedication of the park to Horvath was a more enduring tribute to him than awarding him a plaque or commendation.

“Mr. Horvath has always been there for the Park Board,” Wilkinson said. “And it’s a pleasure to think that future generations will come to this park and partake in Horvath’s legacy to the community.”

Horvath thanked the mayor, council and Park Board for the dedication.  “This is an honor that will never be forgotten,” he said, “and it’s a tribute to the Park Board and the city that we now have nearly 70 acres of wonderful park land throughout the city, which is a big improvement from the one sticker patch we had when I first came to work for the city of Zimmerman.”

Horvath Park is around an acre in size, with a basketball court and playground and is located a few hundred feet north of County Road 4 in Woodland Meadows North at 26322 22nd St. W.