‘Once Upon a Prom’ a success

Josh Marlin and Jamie Anderson were spinning with excitement for prom. Photo by Kara Stritesky

Elk River High School’s 2012 prom, which was dubbed “Once Upon a Prom,” attracted more than 600 students to the school’s grand march.

The grand march happened at Elk River High School and the dance was at International Market Square.

New leadership for the prom was provided by Nathan Meyer and Erin Youngquist for the past two years. They took over prom coordination last year after Barb Larson retired from the post.

Michelle Botts and her grandpa, Dale Peterson, and her friend, MyKell Stavem, were greeted with applause during the grand march. When considering who to have escort her, she thought: “Who better than the best man in her life,” her grandpa. Submitted photo

Meyer said: “It is a learning process. We had a much better flow setting up grand march this year. We have some awesome students on the prom squad who put in a lot of hard work!

“Prom is such a cool experience for the students to have. They had such a good time.”