Firefighter Dan Kreuser honored for 30 years of service

Dan Kreuser with members of the Elk River Fire Department, who attended the City Council meeting where he was honored.

Attentive, caring, responsible, loyal and dedicated.

Dan Kreuser

Those were the words Steve Dittbenner used to describe his friend and fellow firefighter, Dan Kreuser, who was honored Monday, May 7, for 30 years of service with the Elk River Fire Department.

Kreuser was recognized at the Elk River City Council meeting.

Dittbenner said the Kreuser family name is synonymous to Elk River, with the reputation of quality craftsmanship in the building industry. It also is synonymous with the Elk River Fire Department, he said.

Dan Kreuser’s dad, Harry, is a retired assistant chief with the Elk River Fire Department, serving on the department from 1968-1990. Dan’s uncle, Jack, was on the department from 1973 to 2001.

Mayor John Dietz congratulated Dan Kreuser.

Dan Kreuser joined the fire department in 1982. Since that time he has held a number of positions and currently is the district chief assigned to Fire Station #2 on Orono Parkway, according to Fire Chief T. John Cunningham.

“We certainly appreciate his dedication, not only to the fire department but also to the community of Elk River,” Cunningham said.

Both Cunningham and Dittbenner noted that Kreuser was the incident commander at the largest structure fire in the department’s history — the Lions Park Apartments fire in 2008. More than 100 firefighters from at least eight different departments were on the scene.

“His leadership that day as the incident commander certainly prevented further damage to the building itself and kept our firefighters and the community safe,” Cunningham said.

In addition to being on the fire department, Kreuser also serves on the Elk River Fire and Ambulance Service Board of Directors and chairs the Jack Kreuser Memorial Scholarship Fund committee, which gives two scholarships a year to Elk River graduates pursuing a career in public safety.