Lip service paid to higher education

My wife and I are proud of our kids’ hard work towards their educational goals, but I have trouble feeling that way towards our society.

There is lip service everywhere: “Go to college,” “Continue your education,” “A good education is a good job,” “We need an educated populace to compete globally,” but there’s more encouragement to buy a boat or a car or other toys. Car loans are advertised for 3 percent, 1 percent, and even less, but the federally subsidized college student loan rates may double back to 6.5 percent in July.  Why is it easy to come up with $68 billion for a stealth bomber program, but we can only do lip service for education? If we want our country to lead the world, then educate the people, but please find a way to do it without the threat of financial ruin or a lifetime of debt for parents or students. — Bill Strei, Elk River