Y’ cyclists spin tires, raise cash

One hundred cyclists came together Saturday at the Elk River YMCA to raise money for YPartners.

The goal was 100 cyclists, 10 teams, 100 minutes apiece and $10,000.

“We fell a little short of our goal, but we did raise almost $7,000,” said Molly Hanson, the executive director of the Elk River YMCA.

That money brings the YMCA branch to 75 percent of its goal to raise $68,000 for this year’s annual campaign.

“The event was definitely a success in that we were able to educate and involve people who were unaware of the YMCA’s YPARTNER campaign and all of the programs we offer to our community, such as child care, diabetes prevention, homeschool gym and swim, family nights, swim lessons, water therapy and much more,” Hanson said.

This was the second annual cycle event at the Elk River YMCA. Each cyclist was asked to secure at least 10 sponsors, with a minimum donation of $10 per sponsor. Each cyclist was to join one of 10 teams. Each team was to have one cycle on the day of the event, and each team was to keep that cycle going for 100 straight minutes with each cyclist cycling varying lengths of time.