Power lifting: Hickman is top female at a national meet

Dawn Hickman showed her squat form at her gym in a converted garage at home. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Elk River power lifter Dawn Hickman earned the Best Lifter title among 30 females at the United Powerlifting Association (UPA) national meet April 21-22 in Dubuque, Iowa.

HIckman, 44, competing at 101 pounds in the 105-pound class, achieved personal-bests of 292 squat, 210 bench and 286 dead lift, for a total of 788, almost eight times her body weight.
That ratio was tops in the meet. The Best Lifter title takes into account  age, body weight and total lifted.

“I wanted 800 pounds, but, I’m getting close,” said Hickman, waitress and manager at Daddy-O’s in Elk River, and mother of three daughters.

She is gearing toward an American Women’s Powerlifting Congress national meet in South Carolina in June and world meet in Las Vegas in November.

Dawn and husband Steve Hickman, a non-competitive lifter who serves as her handler in meets, train in their own gym in a converted garage at home, under the leadership of trainers Lloyd Hemenway and Mike Anderson.

Dawn improved by 39 pounds in bench over her last meet, a world AWPC meet in Idaho in September, largely due to improved technique, said Steve, citing the trainers for that.

The foursome call themselves the West Metro Team, with sponsorship from West Metro GMC and Buick of Monticello, where Hemenway works.

The 4-foot-10 Hickman competed at 97, 99, and 101 pounds in her last three meets.

“Just getting a little more meet on my bones,” she said.