Local dad, Michael Almich, publishes an e-book fantasy yarn


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Mike Almich of Elk River has penned a Scandinavian-style fantasy “The Fossegrimen Folly” available as an e-book through Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

“The fossegrimen is a fiddle-playing fairy creature from Scandinavian folklore that is said to inhabit waterfalls,” explained Almich. “Lore claims that if one brings a gift of meat to the fossegrimen it will teach the gift bearer how to play the fiddle.”

Michael Almich

In his version, 11-year-old Shyock discovers a fossegrimen near Lake Superior who loves edible treats and rewards those who can solve a riddle. “Shy,” introverted and fearful, attends a summer camp reluctantly, but blossoms there, as he discovers that Camp Lac Igam is different, with adventures and mythical creatures abounding.

Almich, a Brooklyn Park native who played football at Park Center, has lived in Elk River since 1995. He’s a supply chain operations supervisor for the U of M Medical Center. He and wife, Melissa, have three children and he is a youth sports coach. His own favorites are Tolkein, George R.R. Martin and Vince Flynn.

“This is my first attempt at writing,” said Almich, adding that self-publishing an e-book is “simply a matter of formatting correctly, and having a strong book.”

The self-publishing e-book phenomenon, he said, results in some poorly-written books, because there’s no vetting process, but on the upside, several  creative and well-written yarns are published that never would have seen the light of day in the traditional process. He added that “the number of e-book readers is growing at a phenomenal rate.”