Ask a Trooper: What’s the speed limit of unmarked roads

Q: I know of several roads that have no speed zone signs at all in Minnesota. My question is: Does this go under the Basic Safe Speed Law, or is 55, 60, or even 70 a legal speed for the stretch of road when not marked?

A: By statute, the law for speeding in part says that, “Where no special hazard exists the following speeds shall be lawful, but any speeds in excess of such limits shall be prima facie evidence that the speed is not reasonable or prudent and that it is unlawful; except that the speed limit within any municipality shall be a maximum limit and any speed in excess thereof shall be unlawful: 30 miles per hour in an urban district; 55 miles per hour in locations other than those specified in this section.” What this basically means is that if there is no posting, a road in town is deemed by statute to be a 30 zone and out of town a 55 zone. (Unless roads are in bad shape from the weather.) Always watch for speed limit signs and always drive to the conditions. -Sgt. Jesse Grabow of MN State Patrol

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