Cooperation at city and county worthy of notice

I read with interest the story in Saturday’s Star News about last week’s meeting between the Sherburne County commissioners and the Elk River City Council.

Your reporter that was at the meeting chose to focus on one comment I made about the status of the county fair.

What he didn’t write about were all the other items that were discussed. They included a number of areas where the city and county are working in joint cooperation.

There are currently cooperative efforts going on in the Public works area, economic development, law enforcement and environmental. Elk River Municipal Utilities is also working with the county on the possibility of expanding the landfill-to-gas project. These are just a few areas that come to mind. I’m sure there are more.

I made the comment at the meeting that while these items may not make a big splash in the news, they show a pattern of how well the city and county work together.

The staffs of both entities deserve a lot of credit for their willingness to jointly solve problems.

As a public official, I am all about cooperation among governmental agencies.

As an Elk River citizen I am very proud of how well the county and city work together for the benefit of the taxpayers.

I hope other citizens share that same pride. — Elk River Mayor John Dietz, Mayor