Chuba, former scout, to tip his hat to Eagle Scouts

by Jim Boyle

Eagle Scouts Connor Mayne, Parrish Peterson and Ryan Toth will be recognized at the Elk River Area Friends of Scouting Leadership Breakfast at 7 a.m. this Thursday at the Elk River American Legion.

The featured speaker, Denny Chuba, says he will stand in awe of them. The founder of Chuba Cos. was a Boy Scout himself, but he never advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout.

“I have so much appreciation for Eagle Scouts,” Chuba told the Star News.

The Brooklyn Park native remembers what it took to complete merit badges. He will recount his adventures in scouting at the April 26 event.

Chuba, 70, admits some of the memories are tucked quite deeply in the recesses of his mind.

But he can still remember camping trips to Spectacle Lake north of St. Francis.

“That seemed like way up north to me,” said Chuba, who attended troop meetings at a Methodist church on the corner of Zane and Brooklyn Boulevard in the 1950s.

His meetings were led by World War II veterans who never talked about their battles but seemed glad to be around.

Chuba remembers his handbook, knot-tying and the Scout Oath among many other things. Much like scouting today, Many Point Scout Camp was a highlight at the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

“That seemed like the Arctic Circle for as far up north as that was,” said Chuba, who liked the trek.

Nowadays he would welcome a hiring process that included an Eagle Scout. He says an applicant has to be proficient to get the job.

Beyond that, an Eagle Scout comes with a level of tenacity that many don’t have.

“An Eagle Scout would be a good bet,” Chuba said. “All he has to do is learn what we’re doing. The rest I trust an Eagle Scout could do.”

Chuba says between the Scout Law and the 10 Commandments, “you wouldn’t need a law in the land if everybody followed them.

“And be prepared. There’s no better advice,”  he said.

The fundraiser starts at 7 a.m. and will be held at the Elk River American Legion, 525 Railroad Dr.