Elk River City Council approves permit for private kennel

The Elk River City Council has unanimously approved a conditional use permit and a license for a private kennel.

The kennel is located at 11760 193rd Ave. Tim Peterson lives at the residence and has three rottweilers and two French bulldogs. The lot is .25 acres in size.

Elk River Park Planner-Planner Chris Leeseberg said a conditional use permit is required once there are more than three dogs at the site.

The rottweilers are registered therapy dogs that visit sites such as hospitals and nursing homes. The bulldogs are in training to become therapy dogs.

Peterson has been involved with Therapy Dog International for 15 years. He is a certified evaluator for the organization and has evaluated and tested more than 3,000 dogs from Minnesota to Alaska.

The city received 10 letters of support and one in opposition to the kennel permit request, Leeseberg said.

Five people testified in favor of granting Peterson the kennel permit and license before the council voted Monday, April 16 to approve them.

“Tim has been a great neighbor. He takes care of … all five dogs better than some people take care of one dog,” said Eric Kusch, who lives next door.

The kennel permit allows no more than five dogs over the age of six months.