Thank a volunteer this week in April

During the week of April 15  through 21 there will be celebrations honoring volunteers throughout our country marking National Volunteer Week. Especially in our difficult economic times, the role of volunteers today has quickly moved from that of “nice addition” to “vital to operations” in many settings. Without the work of volunteers, meals for the homeless and homebound would go unprepared and undelivered, many would miss medical appointments, litter would dot our roadways, and many medical and public facilities would have no one to answer questions upon entering a building for services. For all of this vital work and more … thank you, volunteers! Thank you for making ours a more connected community, more clearly woven together by good than broken by injury and isolation.

Each of the 35 Volunteer Bridge member organizations depend on volunteers to complete our missions and know well that those missions could not be accomplished without our volunteers. The Volunteer Bridge also wishes to thank the Star News for its continued assistance to spread the word about current volunteer opportunities in the bi-monthly Volunteer Bridge column. This newspaper continues to be an important catalyst to informing readers about where help is needed.

Volunteer Week is also a time to encourage more volunteerism. There are many more needs for volunteers to fill. Locally, RSVP (The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) and the Volunteer Bridge are ready to assist anyone wishing to serve their community but may want more information about where to get started. The great number of tasks that need doing can accommodate a variety of individual passions, skills and time schedules right here in Sherburne County. We can also give pointers to volunteer opportunities in other parts of the state or around the country.

Thank you to anyone who already volunteers. Thank a volunteer whenever you see one. Thank you for considering volunteer service. Please offer to help today.

For more information about where your help is needed,  call 763-635-4505 or 1-877-560-7787. Otherwise email at [email protected] or visit — Charlotte Strei, Elk River

(Editor’s note: Strei is the RSVP Sherburne County coordinator.)