Soft spot for Easter bunny

by Briana Sutherland
Contributing writer

The Easter bunny may have had some help this year while stopping by Prairie Park in Otsego for the annual Easter egg hunt on March 30.

The event, hosted by Parks and Recreation along with the local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, kept everyone busy all morning long.

Six-week-old Brooklynn Skaar sat for her first photo with the Easter bunny.

“We plan for about 1,000 residents to stop by,” said Mayor Jessica Stockamp.

The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts helped make the event a success by hiding eggs for local residents to find. On the ground, in the volleyball court and all over the playground there were hundreds of eggs up for grabs. After the children collected their 10 eggs, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts helped everyone trade in their eggs for a bag of sweets.

Families waited in a long line outside to pose for a photo with the Easter bunny. Even with the cloudy and windy weather, the Easter bunny saw plenty of children dressed up and eager to see him.

Inside City Hall there were plenty of activities to stay busy. Thanks to donations from Klein Bank, Rockwoods, Denny’s, Target and The Bank of Elk River, drawings for four bikes and gift cards were available. Temporary tattoos, stickers, face painting and balloon animals were a huge hit with families as well.

Cub Scouts kept busy hiding eggs.

Squirt the Clown also made an appearance and had a great time making children smile and handing out stickers.

“This is my first year at this event. I just love making kids happy and having fun doing it,” he said.

After another successful year children are awaiting the return of the Easter bunny to Prairie Park next spring.