Otsego skate park says expansion would be welcome

My name is Kiah Strus. I am a seventh-grade girl at Rogers Middle School. I love going to the skate park with my bike but I think there should be a bigger skate park at the Otsego City Hall.

Many people go to the skate park and would like to have fun. Like during the summer when kids have no school. I am one of those people who would like to use the skate park over the summer. I have seen up to 30 people just at the skate park.

People should be able to go on the ramps without needing to wait for others to be finished. I had to wait to go on one of the ramps before because there are not enough ramps for everybody to use all at once yet alone any room for people to ride on the ramps. If little kids go there they would not have anywhere to practice or learn and there aren’t any small ramps for them to use. The little kids might be just learning how to use the ramps and they have to learn on bigger ramps that they can’t even get up because they are like 4 or 5 maybe. So I think there should be smaller ramps in the bigger skate park.

There are only seven ramps at the skate park and that isn’t enough room for people to ride their bikes or whatever they are on freely and do cool tricks, especially when there are 30 people there. Nobody wants to wait to go on a skate ramp.

That is why I think the Otsego City Hall skate park should be bigger. People should realize that there is enough open space for there to be a bigger and better skate park. I think it would be beneficial for everybody because they would have a better time and they can learn more tricks and the little kids could have a place to skateboard or ride their bikes on ramps. — Kiah Strus, Otsego