Cost of community theater a stumbling block to success

For those questioning why Elk River Community Theatre’s last production of “Clue: The Musical,” bombed at the box office, I would offer the relatively high cost of ticket prices as a possible clue for the low attendance of your last production.

Please compare ticket prices of $14 and $12 per person to recent area school and community productions.

My wife and I did attend “Clue: The Musical” on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We were able to do so because of the half-price tickets ($6 versus $12 per person senior discount cost) offered by Kevin Hunter (aka Colonel Mustard).

We received his email offer and were blessed by Mr. Hunter’s kindness. We have attended previous plays/musicals of ERCT. I would note especially, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” of 2007.

We have had to make serious choices in the down economy during the last few years. Just for the record, I taught economics on the high school and college level for 32 years. We were once again very pleased with the quality and entertainment value of $6 per person senior price.

Is there a discount for children and students? I do question how families can afford the present ticket price structure. Your mission statement (website says, “…to promote the production and appreciation of live theatre, for all ages, in the Elk River area.” You realize that young people could become future patrons by experiencing the joy of live performance. I personally enjoyed the laughter and involvement of children and young people both in attendance as well as performers and workers.

I will inform you that we did tell a number of people at church during the week about the great time we had attending “Clue: The Musical” and the great value noting Mr. Hunter’s website. — Richard George, Elk River