Houlton thanks city for ‘extra effort’

John Houlton made a special trip to Monday’s Elk River City Council meeting to say thank you.

Houlton, of First National Financial Services in Elk River, thanked city officials in regards to Elk River Lutheran’s purchase of the former First National Bank building at  729 Main St. The building will be turned into a church.

The project needed some approvals from the city, including a conditional use permit, in a timely fashion.

“I recognize that getting that transaction done in the time frame that you did took some extra work and some extra commitment from city staff and from the (City) Council and I appreciate very much that you were willing to do that,” he said. He particularly thanked Council Member Nick Zerwas.

“You folks put in a lot of extra effort. It’s part of what makes Elk River a great city to live in and work with as a business person,” Houlton said.