Expectations not met at Business and Energy Expo

I am writing to express my disappointment in the way the Energy Expo was highlighted today at the Business and Energy Expo. My family and I typically attend and enjoy both the Business Expo and the Energy Expo each year. This year’s expo was good, but I had expected to see the Energy Expo portion highlighted, perhaps in the commons area rather than in the back corner of the gymnasium. In the past, we have attended the speakers at the Energy Expos. As a parent, I always appreciate my kids having such great opportunities to learn, such as when Paul Douglas and Will Steger spoke. Those speakers really add a unique element to an expo, rather than just businesses trying to sell products or services.

Elk River is unique with the Energy City focus. Most communities seem to have business expos, which are a great way to highlight businesses. I believe that events such as the Energy Expo sets us up as a forerunner in communities, rather than just being one in the crowd. The Energy Expo is unique — offering not only highlighting businesses in the field, but perhaps more importantly educating the public. I believe Elk River missed the boat this year on offering a great, unique experience for our citizens. — Kelly Vrchota, Nowthen