Abortion centers should be licensed like tattoo parlors

Would it surprise you to know that tattoo parlors and bait shops and cosmetology salons all require either licenses and/or inspections to perform their business operations, but that the seven facilities in Minnesota which performed 11,505 abortions in 2010 are under no such health and safety requirement? In fact, until Women’s Right To Know in 2003, a woman having an abortion was not even given information on the procedure or the name of her doctor. It is clear that historically many basic protections have been lacking.

Due to the fact that women want to keep their abortion private, bad experiences go unreported and several other states have found dirty facilities that regularly perform illegal and unsafe abortions. We do not want this to happen in Minnesota.

On March 13 my son and I joined 200 students from around the state to lobby our legislators to pass a bill requiring all facilities which perform 10 or more abortions per month to be licensed and subject to inspections by the Department of Health. We want to heartily thank Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life (MCCL) for sponsoring the 10th annual Student Day at the Capitol and for their unflagging commitment to upholding the preciousness of all life. Until abortion is declared unconstitutional in our state, let’s do all we can to medically protect the safety of these mothers.
— Cheryl Perry, Rogers