Stadium editorial misses mark

The ‘editorial’ written by the ECM Publishers Editorial Board concerning the Vikings stadium is way off base.

First, you say ‘hopefully, they (the legislature) can put this off until after the November elections’, as if this is what they would like to do. If this is true, then someone is trying hard NOT to do their job. This issue has gone on long enough. The longer we wait, the better the chance of losing our team to Los Angeles.

You also ask the question, ‘just how important are the Vikings to our quality of life’, then you later assert that the stadium would somehow be ‘funding entertainment venues with tax money’, and that it is somehow in competition with tax money that funds school districts and human services. This is bunk.

First of all, the money that funds a stadium is an investment, which brings us money back and keeps many jobs in our State. It cannot be compared to money spent on programs that do not pay us back. I am not saying that educating our young doesn’t yield returns, and I am not saying some services are not necessary, but anytime you can use tax money as an investment on something that brings us monetary returns, we should do it. It’s simple economics.

On your point that we let the Lakers and the North Stars go, only to replace them later, probably would not happen with an NFL team. There are many cities that want a team, but the NFL has said it does not want to expand by adding more teams. Besides, we already have our team, and have had them for over 50 years. The fact that we replaced the teams we originally let leave tells me we regretted letting them go in the first place!

My final point concerns your last statement that says ‘let’s vote’. Sorry, but we don’t need to vote on this. The people we voted into office are supposed to be looking out for the people of this state. They have all the facts and figures on how many jobs and how much money the Vikings actually bring in.

Armed with this information, our lawmakers need to first educate those opposing the stadium of the Vikings huge value to us, and then move on to the task of keeping them here by whatever means is necessary.

If it were found that the state lost money by having the Vikings here, then those opposing the stadium would have a valid point, but this is simply not the case. — Ford Slaughter, Otsego