Faith in action demonstrates the vitality of community

Some define a community’s strength according to its access to health care, level of safety, condition of roads or schools, or its economic or environmental opportunities. However, we use an additional measurement–the vitality of community life. Through our work at Faith in Action we’ve come to understand strong communities don’t just happen– it takes a framework of connectedness and a mutual goal to work for the common good to transform them into more caring places to live.

In our unique role as both a faith-based agency and community service organization we work to find solutions to the needs in our communities, within our communities. As a valuable piece of this complicated puzzle called community, we’ve brought formal and informal systems together, collaborating with various groups, churches and businesses, and as a result have learned strong communities result from connecting the people who live there.

We recently began our “I am Faith in Action” Campaign to learn how local residents are demonstrating their faith in action and helping to strengthen their community. In asking “How are you faith in action?” we’ve heard incredible stories that have warmed our hearts and inspired our resolve to continue being an agent of change. From the single mom who is teaching her young children compassion by volunteering together to help care for their aging neighbor, to the college student who by spening his spring break helping with an estate sale so a widow living in poverty could improve her situation, their stories have greatly encouraged us.

We’d like to thank the people of Windstream for their part in helping us connect with our local community during the initial phase of our Campaign. They generously allowed us to use their facilities to conduct our calling, and we gratefully acknowledge how much their contribution helped with the early success of our campaign.

Our campaign’s goal is to raise $50,000 which will be used to help local families achieve self-sufficiency and older adults to remain living independently. We are pleased to say we are almost a quarter of the way to our goal in less than two weeks! If you also desire to see your community become stronger, please consider giving or serving– just like our 1,000 volunteers do annually, or how the people of Windstream did!

We invite you to visit our new website ( to learn more about our Campaign, or join us on April 12th as we celebrate all our friends are doing at a special event at Riverwood Inn & Conference Center. By continuing to put our faith in action we are strengthening our communities….one caring relationship at a time!  — Denice Freih, Executive Director Great River Area Faith in Action