Curtain rises for Rogers’ play ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Audrey (Jordyn Sarvay), Seymour (Reilly Othoudt) and Mushnick (Alexa Gerber) inspect a strange and intriguing plant in an early scene from “Little Shop of Horrors.” (Photo by Erik Jacobson)

“Little Shop of Horrors” by Rogers High School has began its run Thursday evening and can be viewed two more times, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2 p.m., at the middle school.

Jordyn Sarvey and Reilly Othoudt lead a cast that also has Tolu Ekisola, Kayla Lenz, Danielle Murray, Drew Jordan, Alexa Gerber, Adam Buechler, Trenton Wyman, Natalie Thoresen Brianna Schulzetenberg, Kadie Jorgenson, Tyler Donnay, Hannah Graffunder, Maria Frie.

After a preview performance, director Katie Irvin reflected: “I couldn’t be more proud of them! Each actor has taken ownership of their roles and I no longer saw the actor on stage but the character. It’s exciting to hear an audience respond and to know that the students have achieved their goal of entertaining the audience.”