Austin Borreson named Student of the Month

Student: Austin Borreson

Parents: Michael Borreson and Caroline Lappen

List the activities you have participated in and tell of your proudest accomplishments: German Club, volunteering at Maple Grove Hospital, Feed My Starving Children, Interfaith Outreach, CAER food shelf.

What is your favorite class and why? What is your favorite subject? Honors chemistry because the teacher is a very good teacher, the class is fun and it’s interesting to find out the chemistry behind everyday objects.

What are your future plans? To join the National Honor Society, Youth in Government and to graduate from a four-year college.

What are your hobbies and/or personal interests? I like to do things with my friends and to read a good book.

Who is your hero, if you have one, and why? My Aunt Elizabeth because she doesn’t care what others think of her and will do what she thinks is right.

Tell of a most memorable experience that relates to school, personal interests or a hobby: My most memorable experience was probably when I gave my presentation for the health project or finding out I had a 4.0 GPA.

How do you demonstrate leadership? I will gladly help anybody if they are having trouble and ask me.

How do you approach academics to achieve success? I ask my teachers questions and I do all my work.

What special projects have you done, in or out of school? The biggest project I’ve done was the health research project.

Why do you think you won this award? I think I won this award for my good grades.

What does it mean to you? It means that I am on the right track in my academics and I should keep doing it.