Winona couple will marry before opening ceremonies on Saturday, March 10 at ERX

Lissa Haney and Steve Pozanc in their wedding attire at home in Winona.

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by Jim Boyle

Lissa Haney’s wedding dress will be made of Thinsulate insulation, a material made less for looks and more for practicality.

It’s the kind of attire she and her fiancé will need when they wed at ERX Motorsports Park in Elk River next Saturday, in the moments leading up the track’s opening ceremonies for a night of national snocross racing at 6 p.m. on March 10.

The idea for the unusual backdrop was brought up over a few beers at a watering hole, and the couple who pride themselves on their love of the outdoors thought it was a great idea.

“We figured it couldn’t hurt to ask,” said Haney, who plans to marry Steve Pozanc. “The worst they could say is ‘no.’”

The couple talked to a public relations employee who they met at Elko Speedway after their nephew won a snowmobile. She put them in touch with ERX, and the deal was sealed.

Among the plans will be for Haney to ride in on a sled being donated for the wedding by Heinen’s Arctic Cat. She will be met by her fiancé, her matron of honor and his best man.

After a brief ceremony, the exchange of vows and a ring, they will be pronounced man and wife. The plan is for them to ride off (at least to the side of the track) on the new Arctic Cat.

“It will be hard not to take it for at least one lap,” Pozanc said.

So what possessed this couple from Winona to get married at a snocross race?

“We both love the outdoors,” the couple said in unison.

“I wanted our wedding to be outside,” Haney added.

“I guess that’s where I come in,” Pozanc said. “I grew up on sleds.”

It was an easy sell to get it set at a track for Haney, who saw her first snocross race in Hayward, Wis. last year.

Haney and Pozanc met in 2000 when they were working at the same place, and they later decided to move in together and merge their two families. As single parents the two have helped each other raise their children.

And whenever they can, the try to get outdoors.

“We like to sled in the winter, and golf in the summer and we try to sneak in some fishing,” Pozanc said.

The sport of snowmobiling had been put on the back burner while some of Pozanc’s children played hockey. Now that they’re older, they have started to do it again. When there’s snow, there’s plenty of trails in the Winona area.

But there’s not a track like ERX to get married at where they call home.

“There’s nothing like the roar of engines, the smell of gas and seeing sleds 30 feet up in the air,” Pozanc said.

The wedding will be at 5:30 p.m. March 10.