Local Yellow Ribbon program has its first score

The wife of a deployed soldier in Otsego has hot water again in her home.

Her unit had stopped working, and through Kayla Stai working with a Family Service Center in St. Cloud, Justin Femrite, the Elk River city engineer, went to her house and fixed the water heater.

Femrite had heard about the Yellow Ribbon movement from Mayor John Dietz and he told Stai he was available if needed.

“So the system works,” Stai reported to her committee mates.

Elk River is just getting ready to submit final action plans to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon for official certification as a Yellow Ribbon City.

The organization has a system in place to help active service members and their families. If you know of a veteran or military family, please let them know about Elk River’s Yellow Ribbon program. They should contact the St. Cloud Family Assistance Center with their need and they will dispatch the information to the Elk River Yellow Ribbon volunteers.