East side of Livonia has mail, too

Living in the Zimmerman and Livonia Township area for more than 30 years, in that time I have inquired — several times — about a public mailbox/drop-box for the EAST side of Highway 169 … to no avail.

Nowadays it is not safe to leave mail in our home mail boxes at night or when gone to work with all the theft and identity fraud that occurs.

The west side of Highway 169 has three places to drop off letters.

One each is located outside of Jim’s Market, Styles on Main, and the Zimmerman post office. They are all within one-half mile from each other, I would like to note.

The east side, on the other hand, has no public drop boxes. Population size for Livonia is about half to the west and half to the east … so there IS a need.

Also, the intersection of Highway 169 and County Road 4 is dangerous and accident prone. It would relieve a little of the traffic if a postal drop box or boxes could be placed to the east. Maybe outside the Holiday station, Longhorn Cafe, and/or Livonia Township Hall. We deserve three, but are just  asking for one. Or take one from the west and move to the east.

What do you think?

Let our postmaster know your thoughts at:
26278 Second Ave. E.
Zimmerman, Minn. 55398
— Jean Coleman, Livonia Township/Zimmerman